Project Notes

General Overview

The proposed system will have two major parts, ModuleBuilder, a class, and rbuildmaker, a script for creating a barebones library package. Included then in every barebones library will be a rBuild.rb script.

Proposed ModuleBuilder Features

rBuild.rb Responsibilities

rbuildmaker Features

Sequence of Action

This is the sequence of events that must happen when the BuildMaker is invoked:

  1. The BuildMaker::build method is called on the BuildMaker subclass.
  2. If there is a saved (configured) version of the build object in the current directory that is newer than the rBuild.rb script, the BuildMaker object is loaded from it. If no such file exists, or the file exists, but is older than rBuild.rb, a new BuildMaker object is instantiated:
    1. All system information is gathered (rbconfig)
    2. All module information is gathered